Alchemilla 2023 Lunar Almanac

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Gardening by the moon has been practiced throughout the ages. The Alchemilla 2023 Lunar Almanac: Planting by the Moon is a planting guide that navigates and integrates these enduring practices of the lunar rhythm into the garden. Gardening with the cycle of the moon throughout the seasons creates a gardening practice that is consistent, practical and cultivates a landscape that sits in harmony with the moon, planets and stars.

The magic and mystery of the night sky form the foundations of this everyday resource of gardening know how.

Alchemilla is a biodynamic flower farm and floristry studio on Gulidjan Country, in southwest Victoria. Alchemilla uses biodynamic and permaculture techniques to plant, harvest and nurture its flower farm throughout the seasons. Being driven by these guiding principles of holistic cultivation, Alchemilla's approach to flower farming is inclusive to its surrounding environment and community. An all-natural process, Alchemilla looks to create a system that is layered, thriving and abundant from the soil to the sky, with no chemicals used on the farm.