A Place Where Riches Dwell

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Timi was born in Ajegunle, one of Nigeria’s most dangerous ghettos, where poverty is the primary force of street gangs and crimes. Timi finds himself amid family conflict, religious enforcement, and sacred dreams. He isn’t alone; his sister Boma, friend Brakemi and lover Tonye are also trapped in this tragedy of violence, adultery, and possession by evil spirits.

A Place Where Riches Dwell, a story of the young man Timi’s youth, takes the reader on a lyrical, dreamlike journey through West Africa. Enter this dream, and wend your way with Timi through an almost everyday other-world of spirits: ghosts of ancestors; evil spirits; and the warm, living souls of family, neighbours, and everything in between. You, the reader, may very well forget where your living breath ends and the beating heart of Africa begins.