A Most Mysterious Manor

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Stories stitched and spun with gold, in far-off lands, forever told. From tiny huts to kingdoms wide, every girl has a Queen inside. Best-selling illustrator Megan Hess shines in this astonishing new collection of original fairy tales about young girls discovering their own power. Each enchanting story will be set in a decadent faraway land, with uplifting themes that will resonate with young girls - and no Prince Charmings! In A Most Mysterious Manor, a girl called Poppy Grace is waiting for her best friend Bella to come back so that they can play together again. But when she hears a mysterious creak coming from somewhere in her manor, Poppy starts to explore - and soon discovers that she can have fun on her own too ... A surprising and mischievous fairy tale about independence and making your own fun, with a twist!