A Giant's Trek

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A debut middle-grade fantasy adventure following a young giant who defies family expectations on a coming-of-age quest.


Ash isn't the biggest giant living in Haven-Home. He's not even as big as his twin brother, Oak, who's on the path to taking over from their father as village chief one day. Unlike the warriors in his family, Ash wants to learn incantation: the magic of wood, stone, water and fire.

Now that they're twelve, Ash and Oak must go on a trek to prove they're all grown up, and bring back something with which to defend Haven-Home from the wolves who threaten their lives. But when the reclusive Avalanche is chosen as Ash's mentor, could their quest for incantation endanger the village instead?

A vividly imagined adventure for ages ten and up.

Nick Stella lives in Sydney, where he works as a public servant. A Giant's Trek, which started out as a bedtime story for his children, is his first novel.