A Dark Room in Glitter Ball City

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On June 18, 2010, police discover a body buried in the wine cellar of a Victorian mansion in Old Louisville. James Carroll, shot and stabbed the year before, has lain for seven months in a plastic storage bin-his temporary coffin. Homeowner Jeffrey Mundt and his boyfriend, Joseph Banis, point the finger at each other in what locals dub The Pink Triangle Murder.

On the surface, this killing appears to be a crime of passion-a sordid love tryst gone wrong in a creepy old house. But as author David Domin sits in on the trials, a deeper story emerges: the struggle between hope for a better future on the one hand and the privilege and power of the status quo on the other. As the court testimony unfolds, David draws on the confidences of neighbors, drag queens, and other acquaintances within the city's vibrant LGBTQ community to piece together the details of the case.

While uncovering the many past lives of the mansion itself, Domin finds himself entering a murky underworld of Old Louisville scandal, intrigue, and murder.